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Need a screenwriter, script editor or consultant?

To contact one of our members to discuss a screen commission or project, please click on their profile below and contact them individually.  Members are listed in alphabetical order by first name. (If you are a professional screenwriter and would like to join Screenwriters Forum, please contact us!)

Our members are a versatile bunch, but in case you’re looking for someone who has already been professionally commissioned and produced for a specific area in the past, here is a quick list of some of the writers to watch out for among our currently active members.

  • Script Editing, Script Development, Script Readings: Ian Kennedy
  • Feature Films: Helen Cross, Andy Conway, David Squire, Claire Bennett
  • TV drama: Claire Bennett, Liz John, Jo Toye, David Squire, Pat Smart, Paul Brodrick, Tim Stimpson
  • Comedy and sitcom: Keith Lindsay, Ian Billings, Robin Kelly
  • Animation: Myles McLeod
  • Children’s: Ian Billings, Myles McLeod
  • Video Games: Mark Brendan, Ben Pester
  • Short films: too many of us to list!
  • (Theatre: Michael Davies, Tim Stimpson, William Gallagher, Ian Billings)
  • (Radio Drama: Tim Stimpson, Jo Toye, Ian Kennedy, Liz John, Paul Brodrick, Robin Kelly)

We’ll show off our full member list and profiles in a new format again soon!