Mark Brendan

Joined 05/2015

Mark Brendan is a writer and game designer who began his career as a staff writer at Games Workshop in 1996. He has contributed short fiction to GW's Black Library, was editor for Target Games' New Era Chronicles magazine, and supplied game design and fiction for tabletop games including Necromunda, Warhammer Quest, Warzone, Chronopia, Void 1.1, Celtos and Warheads: Medieval Tales. He also spent over 10 years in the videogames industry, working on titles such as World in Conflict, Brian Lara Cricket 2007, F1 2010, Utopia Kingdoms and Kings of the Realm. He recently published the novel Son of Mars, first in a trilogy of YA science fiction novels.

He is currently working on the sequel to Son of Mars, a Kickstarter for a new tabletop game called Age of Tyrants, and a number of speculative, feature length screenplays with Swiss commercial and short film director Rafael Bolliger.